Landscape, Hardscape and Lighting Design Software

GreenScapes Landscape Design Imaging Software creates rendering that will erase all doubts in your client's mind and give them a sense of assurance because they do not have to rely on their imagination to see their property.

As designers, you can remove their fears by asking them exactly what they want in as many details as possible. Then make a photorealistic visualization of the design based on their detailed instructions, and then once they like it, have them sign the contract. Hector Valentin from HV Landscape Designs is amazing with our program. Check out his designs here.

GreenScapes has extensive training videos, no monthly payments, includes support for install and the tools.  We also include our lighting effects program and a free download center. It is a Windows-based program but can work on Mac with additional apps. Please read the FAQ Page before purchase if you use Mac. We don't feel you need one-to-one training, but Hector is available by appointment if you do.

  1. Watch the video below, and if you like what you see, go to step 2.
  2. Go to the GreenScapes website here and watch even more training videos.
  3. Fill out a Contact Us form on the GreenScapes site and mention you know Hector and receive a 20% discount off the website pricing of $500. Wait for the email with the discount.

Learn how easy GreenScapes can be.